The Curious Otters just completed two films for Al Gore's Climate Reality Project. Premiering December 6, 2016, the films profile some of Germany's contributions to the fight against global warming. Germany's Energy Village profiles a tiny town in Bavaria that has become a worldwide renewable energy success story, a model studied by a constant stream of visitors from around the world. Just as 2015's landmark Paris Agreement finally procured a commitment from the countries of the world to combat climate change, this little town has been creating an energy cooperative since the 90s that is now so successful that townspeople who invested in solar, wind, and biogas are producing five times as much energy as they need, and selling it back to their own neighbors. They've inspired countless other towns around the world to follow a similar path, even as fossil fuel powered energy companies whose stock prices have been plummeting scramble to catch up. We also profiled Manfred Wolf, one of Germany's designated Climate Reality Leaders, and his creation of an official solar technology installer designation that made it possible for consumers to have solar heating and energy installed and maintained by a licensed and knowledgeable technician. We are very proud and excited to be a part of the Climate Reality Project!

We've recently finished two new short films: Itch, a nasty little narrative about a disgruntled man who acquires an unusual superpower, starring Klaus Ebert, and a film of a new dance piece commissioned by Martha Graham principal dancer Ying Xin for a new piece of music composed by our long-time collaborator Giovanni Spinelli. It's currently on the festival circuit, and we makes its world premiere in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, December 1-4 at the 2016 Rio WebFest, where it's been nominated for Best Dance Film. Watch the trailer here.

We recently released two new short narrative films, Brian Dilg's Double Negative and Miguel Parga's Shortest Distance, receiving numerous awards for Brian's screenplay and cinematography as well as lead actor Joanne Rhinehart's performance. Principal Brian Dilg also provided award-winning cinematography for two recent films you can now view online: Jeremiah Kipp's dark and disturbing The Minions and William Speruzzi's thriller The Exam, which was awarded Best Cinematography at the 2016 New York Chain Film Festival.

Our upcoming production slate includes numerous new feature films, including Mr. Turtle, a British comedy about a world-class snob whose mission to finish his 10th symphony is undermined by his worst nightmare, a loud, uncouth working class man with whom he finds himself trapped on a nightmare cruise around the world; Under the Ice, a surreal thriller set on a remote island off the coast of northern Norway about a small-town lawman whose obsession with old American western movies and his conviction that he is destined to bring an outlaw to justice leads him to pursue a young woman across the Atlantic who is unjustly blamed for the murder of her mother; The Stand-In, a thriller set in the world of the intelligence community where a spy whose job is being suspicious struggles to find love when he has to hide so much of who he is, The Orchard, an epic set in Italy between the two world wars about a working class family who finds themselves caught between classes and each other when they they come unexpectedly into a fortune, a modern martial arts action film with a female protagonist, a documentary feature about family bonds that last and those that break apart, and much more. Stay tuned for further updates!

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